Quinta da Cruz – Centro de Arte Contemporânea

// regarding the current times some of the promoted submission deadlines may be postponed
// some curators may take more time than usual to give you heads notice on received artwork as they may be putting it under quarantine

Quinta da Cruz – Centro de Arte Contemporânea

Quinta da Cruz - Centro de Arte Contemporânea is located in Viseu, Portugal, and is a cultural space oriented to the exhibition of contemporary art and to the development of artistic practices. It’s a space destined to public enjoyment, culture and leisure, inserted in a green space of excellence and a remarkable biodiversity.

In 2019, Viseu assumed the motto of “National Destination of Gastronomy” and that is why, for this challenge, the theme "Food, Wine & Culture" was selected.

We launch an invitation to artists and all interested in MailArt to send their works, through the Postal Service, and join the 2nd edition of this event. Only works received through traditional mail will be displayed. We look forward for your drawings, collages, stamps and visual poetry, among others, at Quinta da Cruz!


deadline » August 20th, 2019

submission address » Museu Quinta da Cruz | #food_wine_culture | Estrada de São Salvador | 3510-784 São Salvador | Viseu, PORTUGAL

exhibition » 19 October 2019 > 31 December 2019 // estimated dates

exhibition address » Museu Quinta da Cruz | Estrada de São Salvador | 3510-784 São Salvador | Viseu, PORTUGAL


• Only one side of the artwork will be displayed.

• Artwork considered obscene or offensive will be excluded.

• Submitted artwork will become part of Quinta da Cruz’s mailart collection and might be shown during other future mailart events.

• All artists are kindly requested to provide, by email or traditional snail mail, the following information for means of public display: artist > profile picture | name | brief bio | email address | website | address // artwork > title | media details | brief text

• During the exhibition, there will be a workshop entitled “Dar e Receber” (Give and Receive) were, inspired by the works on display, participants will create objects to be randomly given to visitants.

• Artists that do not wish to share their private information, such as name or address, must not include it on the mailart.

• You may add to your work the words “SEM VALOR COMERCIAL” in order to avoid any customs delay.

• No returns | No jury | Free technique

medium » 2D

maximum dimensions » 7.9 x 11 in

suitable for all ages


At the moment the collection counts with 232 works from 71 artists from 22 different countries.