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? what's the deal with

like it or not, lists active open calls sorted out by due date, as well as exhibitions, artists, links of interest, and so on ... but it may end up being much more

only after starting this listing, at 01_august_2018, we did realize the extraordinary amount of new open calls coming up all the time ... and that's only those that we can grasp... from automatic bot searches, constant research, direct emailing, and from those special people that keep us updated on what is going on in the community

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so, for all of those like us that enjoy stats and precise numbers check MAILART.PT STATS.elationship with the "environment". The IV OPEN CALL was directed to the theme VISEU Garden - City.

We launched an invitation to artists and to everyone else interested in Mail Art to send their artwork and join in the IV Edition of this open call.

theme » VISEU cidade – jardim [Viseu garden - city]

exhibition » 2022 // precise date to be set further on

exhibition address » Museu Quinta da Cruz | Estrada de São Salvador | 3510-784 São Salvador | Viseu, PORTUGAL